Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018The folks at Yahoo Labs have been pretty busy lately. They recently published a paper titled “Building Enriched Document Representations using Aggregated Anchor Text” (opens a pdf file). It’s an interesting read. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

The paper is all about how to rank web pages based on what the anchor text pointing to those pages say about them. The problem is, there are a lot of web pages on the Web that don’t have links pointing to them. So what the does the search engine do? Well, you look at the Web graph (a fancy term for the aggregated whole of the Web – pages, links etc.) and consider the anchor text of external pages (pages external to the website on which your page exists) that point to that page.

The paper refers to what is called anchor text sparsity, which it defines as the difference between the small number of sites that have a large number of inbound links and the large number of sites with just a few, or no, links. This sparsity is the hurdle to overcome.

Here’s the problem: If you’re one of those sites, the majority, with few inbound links to it then your site is more difficult to figure out for the search engines. Why? Because inbound anchor text helps to define a web page. Let’s take an example.

If you have a web page that has 150,000 inbound links and 85,000 of those use the anchor text “spaghetti sauce” then it’s pretty easy to see what that web page is about, isn’t it? But if your page only has 2 inbound links and they both have different anchor text then it’s more difficult to know what that page is about based on the anchor text. Now see the problem?

If you do then you should see the solution. It’s time to start building your collection of inbound links with the proper anchor text. Don’tcha think?

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Bait

Link Bait is the practice of adding content to your site that draws an enormous number of natural links, which serve to push that page higher up in the search engines and therefore creating more opportunities to get more links. Is this practice manipulative? Is it is a good and white hat search engine optimization strategy? Will it always work?

OK, these are three distinct questions. I’ll answer them one at a time.

Is link bait manipulative? Yes. It is. In fact, just about everything you do online is manipulative in one sense or another. Optimization, by its nature, is manipulative. So, yes, link baiting is manipulative and that’s OK.
Is it good SEO? That depends on who you ask, but if you ask me then I’ll give an unqualified and resounding “yes”. Link bait is sound SEO.
Will link bait always work? I think so. The reason link bait works now is because it does the one thing that search engines thrive on. It is the creation of content that is so good that it draws natural links in very high numbers. The search engines love natural links. They don’t care if those links are developed in high numbers over a short period of time or over a long period of time. What they do care about is whether or not a website unnaturally builds links – that’s bad. But natural links gained using powerful SEO strategies are encouraged. Link bait is good and always will be.

The problem with link bait is that it is hard to pull off successfully. Hard, but not impossible.

Premium WordPress Themes – Submission Service

You’ve been told time and time again that directory submissions are necessary to help build up your link portfolio. But just how necessary are they?

Well, it depends. For the most part, it is a necessary link building strategy for search engine optimization but be careful who you hire to do it. There are a lot of directory submission and search engine optimization companies out there that promise you the moon, but all they really do is mass submit your website to directories and there is no follow through. If you’re going to pay someone to submit your website, e-zine, or blog to a directory then you should pay someone to do it manually. Otherwise, you’re really just wasting your dollars.

I highly recommend directories. They do provide you with one way links and many of them are from high PR sites. But don’t fret about it. Many websites have done very well without directory submissions. What the directory submissions do for you, though, is provide you with inbound one-way links that can prove valuable to your trust factor over time. But it isn’t the most important thing to be doing with your time and money. Building well optimized high value content pages for your website is far more important.

Premium WordPress Themes – Trackbacks Before

I’ve often touted the benefits of trackbacking. It’s a useful strategy, particularly for new blogs, for a number of reasons:

  • You can usually garner some link juice from older, more established websites and gain valuable inbound links from relevant, high PR sites
  • Trackbacks can be a good source of new traffic and new, loyal readers
  • It engages conversation between professionals within the same industry
  • Can save your butt when you borrow snippets from other blogs because a trackback is a form of attribution

While trackbacks can be good, there are some dangers to receiving the trackbacks of others and bloggers who get a lot of trackbacks should be very careful about which ones they approve. I recently had to go back and delete several trackbacks and comments that I’ve received over the months due to those comments and trackbacks hurting my search engine rankings.

Yes, it’s true. The wrong kind of trackbacks can ruin your SEO. Here are some reasons you might want to not approve specific comments are trackbacks on your blog:

  • The trackback goes to a site that is a link farm
  • When you click on the URL of the commenter you get a 404 page
  • The comment or trackback is very generic and doesn’t add anything to the conversation
  • You visit the site leaving a trackback and all they have there is your content and nothing else
  • You try to visit the site leaving the comment and you are redirected to another URL
  • The site linking to you is in another language

Many people leave comments that are legitimate, but many others do not. Some of the comments I deleted this morning from this blog were from scrapers who lifted my content and linked back to me without providing any other value to readers on their blog. This provides no value to you or your readers. They are just trying to steal your traffic. I also deleted comments from sites that redirected me to another URL. I think I am going to an Internet marketing blog and I end up on a camera sales page. Not good. These redirects could hurt your rankings. Broken links will also affect your rankings so get rid of those.

The most interesting comments I got were from bloggers who blogged in another language. These blogs are probably legitimate and likely won’t hurt my rankings at all, but they are written in another language. The blogger leaves a comment in English and links to a Russian or German site. I do not speak Russian or German, and I’m assuming that most of my readers don’t either. If the site provides no value to your readers then you should think twice about approving the comment.

When it comes to comments and trackbacks you have to be diligent not to approve every one. Bad inbound links can kill your site faster than good ones can benefit it.

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